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Webinar: Why Only The Lowest Cost Oil & Gas Producers Will Survive

What to expect: 

Managing product quality in a time of uncertainty.

Oil companies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies as a result of the combined impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent economic recession caused by lockdown and the global oversupply of oil.

European energy market leader Repsol has adopted MARCO TRACK & TRACE, an innovative new tracking solution that cuts costs, improves productivity and eliminates delays in the supply chain caused by lost and misplaced samples critical for product certification and acceptance.

We will be joined by the following experts:

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Geoffrey Cann

Speaker & Trainer, Oil & Gas expert


Juan Miguel Pérez

CEO & Co-Founder Finboot


Jose Javier Salinero Rodriguez

Head of Innovation & Transformation Repsol TechLab

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About our experts


SPEAKER & TRAINER ▪️ Digital Oil & Gas

Former partner with one of the Big 4 consulting firms, I have over 30 years of experience advising the oil and gas, energy and technology companies to help create lasting value. My clients include very large integrated oil companies, downstream petroleum refiners and marketers, pipeline companies, fracking services, drilling and completions services, logistics, LNG projects, and many more. Most of my work over 3 decades has been at the intersection of a business problem and a technology solution, and since 2013, the impacts of digital technologies and the oil and gas industry.


CEO & Co-Founder of Finboot

CEO and co-founder of Finboot, the dynamic company behind MARCO, a unique blockchain agnostic, enterprise grade SaaS product. He is an engineer with a background in scientific research with a strong focus on tech transfer and technology asset management in both the software and hardware ecosystems, covering technology areas from distributed ledgers to semiconductors and imaging systems. He has a successful track record on applying these technologies to a wide range of sectors, including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Consumer goods, Water management and Healthcare.


Head of Innovation & Transformation Repsol TechLab

Jose Javier has more than 25 years of experience in the Energy Sector working in Repsol. Passionate for Innovation and transformation has led multiple transformation projects at Repsol. Jose Javier has a background of 15 years in Risk Management 5 years in Internal Audit and 5 years in Finance, treasury and Working capital. MBA in Finance for Energy (ENERCLUB) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from ICADE additionally he is Systemic coach from ICF (International Coach Certification). Jose Javier has collaborated with many startups, helping develop their projects and implementations in Repsol as a Start-up Corporate Developer.